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The sound of silence isn’t always a wonderful thing.

A Note from Our Doctor

Mark McOmie, Au.D., CCC-A

New hearing enhancement technology has given us the tools to provide a rapid transition to hearing the sounds of life and speech more clearly. Give us an opportunity to prove our commitment to the positive resolution of your hearing concerns.

Our Office Staff

Mark McOmie, Au.D., CCC-A

Doctor of Audiology
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Dr. Mark McOmie is a Utah native and purchased Sharp Hearing Systems from Bruce Sharp, a staple practice in Salt Lake City for over 30 years. He has lived with a hearing loss since he was a toddler and is passionate about helping individuals maximize their communication abilities in their personal and professional lives. Dr. McOmie graduated from Utah State University in Communication Disorders and Deaf Education in 2009, then went on to earn his Doctorate degree in Audiology from the University of Cincinnati. He completed his residency in Northern Virginia where he met his wife, Laurissa. He recently moved from Rock Springs, Wyoming where he ran a successful practice. Although he misses Wyoming and the patients he served there, Dr. McOmie is excited to be in his hometown and feels very fortunate to serve the people of Salt Lake and the surrounding areas. He is the father of two children and loves playing sports, being outdoors and spending time with his wife and kids.

Shanny Boyce

Patient Care Coordinator
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Utah native Shanny Boyce joined Sharp Hearing Systems in 2019 and has been instrumental in shaping an unmatched quality of patient care ever since she arrived. Shanny has worked all throughout the United States, from Oregon to Texas. She has five years of office experience, working with lawyers and doctors alike. She delights our patients on many levels with her personal quest to make everyone feel comfortable and valued. Shanny has become an important resource to our medical partners, internal staff, and patients. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and her dog, Addie. She also likes pottery on the wheel, videography, and anything to do with being in the water. We are excited to have her on board and know she will be an integral part of Sharp Hearing Systems.

Former owner, Bruce Sharp, turning over the business to his trusted colleague Dr. Mark McOmie.

Friendly, Reliable Hearing Care

Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions you will make.  We understand that ongoing counseling, periodic adjustments, and regular hearing aid cleanings are vital to your continued satisfaction with your investment in better hearing and we are committed to being here to support your every need.

Attuned to the latest advances and products, the staff of Sharp Hearing ensures we provide our patients with state of the art technology. Additionally, every product we sell includes the highest level of customer service from our experienced and trusted team.



We want to know all about you and are committed to you and your experience on your path to better hearing.

Technology Forward

The technology available to the hearing impaired has changed dramatically over the past few years.  But technology is only as good as the person who fits you.

Budget Friendly

We will work to make sure that your journey to better hearing stays well within the budget you’ve set for that journey.

"I have been seeing Bruce for over 12 years. His wonderful expertise, experience and attention to my needs won me over after a series of other dispensers over the years. Over those years I have worn Miracle Ear, an unknown digital set, Sonic, Starkey (didn't work out for me so Bruce sent them back), Siemens and now, my best and most naturally sounding set, Resound! Bruce is deserving of more stars than this review allows. Ever been frustrated by your dispenser? Clearly that was someone other than Bruce at Sharp Hearing. See Bruce. The ones you love will love you for it."

– Doug McPhie

"Very thorough and sincere. Great service and prices that beat any of the competition."

– D. Clay

"Consummate professionals. Not a pop-up audiologist kiosk at the mall, this place knows their business. I was having some feedback problems with a very expensive set of hearing devices that I purchased overseas. I thought that it might be just a matter of cleaning, or maybe a tune up, but the doctor there was so thorough, that he found the problem, and fixed it for me with only about $3.00 worth of plastic stabilizers to keep the devices more snugly in my ears. I'm sure he could have gone ahead and charged me some sort of minimum fee, had me go through a battery of hearing tests, but he's an honest good hardworking man, and when I do have a real problem that needs to be fixed, I will have no reservations about going to him and having my devices serviced and my hearing checked. Two thumbs up from me, and five Yelp stars!"

– Scott K.

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