Within this changing industry many manufacturers are vying for the the top position, yet none can claim it.

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I am currently representing nine hearing instrument manufacturers. My office provides digital hearing instruments of every style and size beginning at $745.00, to the most sophisticated at $2250.00. Assisted listening systems of all types and for all purposes are available from $72.00 to $900.00.

I believe in the progress and ability of man to find solutions to problems. In recent years I have witnessed a great improvement in the number of satisfied hearing aid users. In the process, I have learned that no manufacturer has devised a hearing system (digital or otherwise) that will interface satisfactorily with every individual’s hearing loss because hearing loss is not just a lack of sensitivity to sound. Personal perception has a great effect on how a person may adapt to and use electro acoustic (ear-level amplified) sound. Every manufacturer believes that their hearing system is the best, and they are right, but not for every person. Their representatives admit that fact.

It is critical that everyone, who comes to me for assistance, is provided with that hearing system which will interface most effectively with his or her own hearing loss and perception of sound. This is why I represent so many manufacturers. I search out and study every new development to locate and understand their strengths and best application to the individual.

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ReSound Linx, wireless audio directly from your Apple device. We also provide the latest hearing aids from all the major manufacturers.

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