New hearing enhancement technology has given us the tools to provide a rapid transition to hearing the sounds of life and speech more clearly. Give us an opportunity to prove our commitment to the positive resolution of your hearing concerns.

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For many individuals who are beginning to experience some hearing difficulty, assistive listening systems are wonderful solutions.

Assistive Listening Systems:

  • Devices Which Enhance TV Listening
  • Amplified Telephones
  • Wireless FM Systems for Distance and Noise-Free Hearing
  • Wake-Up And Alert Systems

Developed to improve your quality of life.

Amplified Alarm Clock

Loud Alarm Clocks That Will Flash Lights and Vibrate Pillows

Amplified Wireless Phone

Cordless Telephones With 40 dB Loudness Gain and Caller ID

Wireless TV Listening System

Sennheiser Wireless TV Listening System

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